The Vantage Guarantee

The Vantage Mission

Vantage Home Solar assists homeowners in transitioning to cleaner, more cost efficient, energy solutions. We collaborate with the best of the best in the solar industry to bring customers like you the most advanced and cutting edge solar energy products and services. With over 50 years of combined experience in solar, Vantage has developed a comprehensive framework that makes switching to solar energy easy, fun and affordable for our customers.

Vantage Home Solar

Vantage Home Solar was created by a team of seasoned solar energy professionals. As a subsidiary of Vantage Energy Group inc, we have a strong dedicated team with a combined 50 years of industry experience. Our collective knowledge is what gives us the capacity to design, build, and commission every solar project to the highest level of standards. Vantage Home Solar is exclusively partnered with Sun Power which manufactures the highest efficiency and most durable solar panels in the world. Through this partnership we provide our customers with the best products and financing programs the industry has to offer.


Vantage provides a better view point with streamlined designed panels that look aesthetically pleasing on almost any roofing material.

The all-black panels sit close to the rooftop and appear as though they are part of the roof.

Highest Efficiency Advantage

Vantage installs the highest efficiency solar panels in the industry. Get more energy from the same roof space – our competitors can’t say this.

In order to get the most out of your savings you should use the least amount of space. High efficiency provides less panels on your rooftop which means extra space to grow for future energy needs.

Highest Reliability AdVantage

Going solar with Vantage means that you save money month after month with no headaches. We take care of it all with our product and service.

Vantage guarantees products, installation and service reliability.

There is nothing for you to do but sit back and save money. – That was easy!

Systems are monitored 24×7, if there are any issues with your solar system – We take care of it.

Greatest Production Value AdVantage

Vantage guarantees the performance and production of electricity on every system maintained.

Homeowners are guaranteed a reduced, fixed monthly electric bill for years to come.

When Vantage builds your home solar system, we guarantee the energy that the system produces.

Better Customer Experience AdVantage

Vantage employs industry professionals in every aspect of our business operations. Installing home solar requires and having a strong trustworthy team and having the right systems in place.

Our expertise and experience counts because we’ve done this thousands of times. We make it our business to keep you in the loop with an ongoing status and progress of your solar project. Because we have refined systems we employee the right talent, we are able to install systems swiftly, with the fastest install times in the industry.

Quality Workmanship AdVantage

Quality is our business. Every Vantage team member is trained and mentored to ensure they do the job correctly with accurately. Every customer and every solar panel is handled with professionalism and integrity.

We take our talent seriously and our in-house team can move mountains. We believe that in order for quality to become a reality it has to start with each and every Vantage team member.

We guarantee our quality. Quality people means quality workmanship.

Continuous Innovation AdVantage

Vantage is highly focused on continuous innovation. We are consistently researching and collaborating with industry experts about technologies that leverage and benefit home solar.

Bringing leading edge technologies to the market is critical but at the same time we need to be realistic. We invest our time and resources on deliverables that will benefit our customers financially. It all comes down to simple economics and consumers will participate in energy programs that will save them money and give them the ability to own and control their own energy needs.

Do you think that you’ll be driving an electric car in a few years or less? How do you think you’ll charge your car? Do you think that solar panels and battery technology will have anything to do with you charging up your car?

This is just the beginning, take the next step is with Vantage Home Solar.