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  • Solar Saves You Money
  • Solar Creates A Better Future For Your Family
  • Solar Is A Better Viewpoint For The Future
  • Solar Is Good For The Environment
  • Solar Is Great For Our Country
  • Solar Gives You Energy Independence



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The process was stress free and the savings we are getting is significant.

Stephanie W., Oakland NJ

Going solar with Vantage was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The money we are saving pays for our family vacation each year.

Jonathan W. – Union City, NJ

Being very energy conscious we chose Vantage. We’re saving more than 35% each month, the monitoring tools are awesome. Frank did a great job with all the details of our project.

Mary & Scott M. – Lyndhurst, NJ

My wife and I have been shopping for solar for many months now. Your presentation was unlike any of your competitors. No one else makes guarantees the way Vantage does. Can’t wait to get our system powered up.

Fred A. – Lodi, NJ

We are still absolutely shocked that you guys took care of the tree removal and the new roof for us. Considering we paid very little out of pocket and we got these huge updates with lower electric bill on top of it, we are really, really grateful. Thanks so much.

Tony and Lisa G – Fairfield, NJ

Being an electrician by trade I was definitely nervous about the workmanship. Jim and the Vantage team really know the business and I was very pleased with the wire management. Thanks for making things easy. The savings is great for us.

Allen K. – Fairfield, NJ




Global solar installation capacity grew more than 50% last year, pushing total capacity past 320GW.



Solar accounts for 45% of jobs in the renewable workforce, that’s more than oil, coal, and natural gas combined.



The U.S. solar market grew by more than 95% last year, its highest growth rate in decades.

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