Winter Energy Tips

For many homeowners, keeping energy costs to a minimum is a real struggle. Especially during winter, as the need for energy increases. No family likes living in a cold home, and it can be bad for your health too. As a result, your central heating system is normally on full blast, causing your energy bill to soar through the roof.

Finding ways to reduce energy consumption during winter is very difficult, but not impossible. To illustrate this, we’ve got some excellent winter energy tips that we think you’ll find helpful. Not only will these tips help you use less energy, but they’ll also ensure you remain nice and warm too.

Don’t Waste Heat In Empty Rooms

Too many homeowners are guilty of wasting heat on empty rooms in their house. They turn the heating on, but everyone in the house is in the living room. As such, all the other rooms are heated for no reason. No one will see the benefits as you’re all in one place. So, make sure you go around every room and turn off the radiators when no one is in there. This is easy to do as most radiators have a simple dial you can turn and set to ‘off’. By doing this, you ensure no heat is wasted, and you use up less energy.

Let The Sun Provide You With Free Energy

Even though it’s very cold in winter, that doesn’t mean the sun doesn’t poke its head out for many hours each day. In which case, you can take advantage of this and use it to generate free energy. By purchasing and installing solar panels on your property, you can absorb solar power and use it to warm up your home. The benefit of this is that you can use solar energy to power your central heating, meaning you can stay warm without having to spend any money. Or, you can supplement your regular energy with solar energy, which will greatly reduce your bills.

Put Your Heating On A Timer At Night

Most people will get eight hours of sleep every night, but it’s hard to fall asleep when you’re freezing cold. Consequently, you turn the heating on when you go to bed and leave it on all night, so your home is warm when you wake up. Some people suggest turning your thermostat down as you sleep, but we have a better idea. All you have to do is put your central heating system on a timer. It can turn on an hour before bedtime and turn off after an hour or two. Then, make sure it’s set to turn on about ninety minutes before your alarm goes off in the morning. This way, you will go to sleep warm, and wake up to a warm house too. But, you save so much energy by not having it on at all during the night. To keep yourself even warmer, invest in a thick comforter for your bed, and go to sleep wearing thick socks and warm pyjamas.

Trap Heat In Your Home

The statistics will show that so much energy escapes people’s homes during the winter months. The simple reason for this is that your house isn’t insulated properly. As a result, heat escapes with ease, causing you to turn your heating up higher to compensate for this. You can avoid this by properly trapping heat in your home. To do this, you need to invest in some good-quality, modern insulation. If you haven’t changed the insulation in your house for years, then now is a good time to do it. Also, if you’re on a tight budget, we suggest investing in roof insulation over anything else. This is where most heat is lost, so it needs extra attention. Along with this, you could also purchase thick rugs and curtains to stop heat leaving your rooms.

Wrap Up Warm

Finally, you need to dress appropriately for the weather outside. Don’t walk around in shorts and t-shirt if you want to stay warm. Add some extra layers, and wrap up in some thick blankets. This means you stay warmer, without depending on your central heating too much. From doing this, you could turn down the temperature by a degree or two as well. This may not seem like much, but it will all add up in the end.

There you have it; our winter energy tips to help you save money and stay warm. By following this advice, you’ll ensure the winter months aren’t too harsh on your energy bill.